Rallynuts 3.5Kw 12v Micro Heater Package

Rallynuts 3.5Kw 12v Micro Heater Package
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Rallynuts 3.5Kw Lightweight 12v Heater with 4 Side OutletsRallynuts 3.5Kw Lightweight 12v Heater with 4 Side Outlets
Rotary Heater Control knob - Bowden OperatedRotary Heater Control knob - Bowden Operated
Rallynuts 2.5'' Neoprene Ducting HoseRallynuts 2.5" Neoprene Ducting Hose
4 Position Fan Switch with Knob4 Position Fan Switch with Knob
Type A Bowden Cable - 0.5mType A Bowden Cable - 0.5m
Rallynuts 13mm EPDM Coolant Hose (1M)Rallynuts 13mm EPDM Coolant Hose (1M)
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Package Contains:

1 x Rallynuts 3.5Kw Lightweight 12v Heater with 4 Side Outlets

The 3.5kw Lightweight Heater is our second smallest and lightest hot water based heater after the 2.2kw Micro Heater, sacrificing a little weight for performance this unit can be used as a more powerful defrost heater and can also provide more cabin heat.

1 x Rotary Heater Control knob - Bowden Operated

A high-quality mechanical Heater Control Knob to operate Bowden controlled heater valves. This control knob has 270° of rotation and has 3 hole positions to offer 30 - 40mm of cable travel. Please note that a push to close valve is required so that the dial will match with the indication on the fascia of the control knob.

1 x 4 Position Fan Switch with Knob

This 4 position fan switch can be used to control blowers and fans that have a built in resistor pack. This switch can handle up to 28v and 20a of current draw.

1 x Rallynuts 2.5" Neoprene Ducting Hose

Our heater ducting hose is constructed from a very high quality 1-ply neoprene coated glass fibre fabric, with a visible bronze plated steel wire helix. This makes the ducting extremely durable, lightweight, but most of all it conforms to tight corners with ease, whilst maintaining it's diameter.

1 x Type A Bowden Cable - 0.5m

A high-quality Bowden Cable with a solid core to allow push and pull control. The Type A Bowden Cable has stepped ends and therefore is compatible with our Rotary Control Knobs, a select number of our water valves, air junctions and Y connectors with internal flap.

3 x Rallynuts 13mm EPDM Coolant Hose (1M)

High quality cooling system hosing. Manufactured in a smooth black EPDM rubber, with a polyester reinforcement braiding and an internal bore of 13mm (1/2"). Resistant to Glycol based antifreeze and most corrosion inhibitors, for use in the transfer of hot water. Priced per metre, sold and dispatched as one complete length. 

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