Historic Rally Time Clock 12v Digital LED

Historic Rally Time Clock 12v Digital LED
Price:  £75.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£90.00 Inc. VAT)

Part Number:  MPHRC


Historic Rally clock and timer. 6 digit LED digital clock displaying hours (12 or 24hr), minutes and seconds, with a stopwatch. On event time setting is simple, via the hour/minute up/down buttons on the front of the clock. It literally takes a matter of seconds to set up with the event time, easy!

The clock has a power on/off switch on the front panel, to allow display to be switched on and off without disconnecting the 12 volt supplyand the clock has an internal backup battery, so when 12v supply for the display is switched off or disconnected, the time setting remains. This is Ideal for motorsport cars with FIA cut off switches. As soon as clock is switched back on or when the 12v power feed is restored the clock display resumes. The Internal coin cell battery can be easily replaced in future as required.

Includes a basic stopwatch. Simple one button operation, start, stop/reset. Display is in hours, minutes & seconds - ideal for historic jogularity events. Easy to switch between stopwatch and clock function. Using the stop watch function dos not effect the clock time which can be easily displayed.

  • Compact Case dimensions 12cm x 5.5cm x 3cm
  • Lightweight construction, weighing in at only 150g
  • Easy connection - just 2 wires to 12v, one red, one black
  • Wires exit to the rear for a neat in car installation
  • Low Power consumption - less than 1 watt

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