RaliGPS full kit

RaliGPS full kit
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Part Number:  RALIGPS

The Basic Roamer

RaliGPS is simple to install and use in any vehicle and produces a pulse output that can be connected to a tripmeter to allow accurate measurement of distance travelled. 

RaliGPS is ideal for:
Competitive road, stage, historic and classic car rallies, including regularity sections
Recce/hire cars.
RaliGPS uses GNSS technology to determine distance travelled, simultaneously connecting to the American GPS, Russian GLONASS and European GALILEO global navigation satellite constellations for best accuracy under all conditions.
A unique feature within RaliGPS allows the unit to correct for "lost distance" should the unit lose its fix from all satellite signals e.g. due to entering a tunnel or a densely wooded area.

RaliGPS produces 3600 pulses per mile travelled (or 2237 pulses per km travelled) and the pulses can be either 5 volt or 12 volt signals. If RaliGPS does lose all satellite fixes, there are 3 user selectable options that define how RaliGPS sends pulses to the tripmeter:

Do Nothing – pulses to the tripmeter will stop when the fix is lost and restart when the fix is regained
Catch Up – pulses to the tripmeter will stop when the fix is lost, but when the fix is regained, pulses will be sent to the tripmeter to make up for the missing “as the crow flies”
(i.e. straight line) distance i.e. the tripmeter will “catch up”
Fixed Speed – pulses will continue to be sent to the tripmeter while the fix is lost.  When the fix is regained, an algorithm determines if not enough pulses have been sent
(in which case, extra pulses are sent to make up the missing distance) or if too many pulses have been sent (in which case, pulses are temporarily paused until the overall correct number of pulses have been sent).
The selection of the lost fix satellite behaviour and the pulse voltage output are made via easily accessible switches inside the unit.  RaliGPS is initially supplied with "Fixed Speed" lost fix behaviour and 12v pulse signals.

RaliGPS is supplied with:​​

A (fixed) ~1.0 metre power/output lead which needs to be simply connected to the vehicle power (7-18 volts, positive or negative earth) via a user supplied 3A fused connection, and the tripmeter
An external magnetic mount GNSS antenna to maximise satellite detection/tracking and hence distance accuracy.  The antenna has a fixed 3 metre lead, but extension cables can be used to extend this​.
Mechanical description:The RaliGPS unit is housed in a black polypropylene case having o/a dimensions of 85mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 25mm (D)

Note: If the User Manual indicates features not available on your unit, please contact the Basic Roamer Company for a Free software upgrade.

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