Pirelli K Gravel Rally Tyres

Pirelli K Gravel Rally Tyres
Price:  £169.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£202.80 Inc. VAT)

Part Number:  2081200-2081300


p>Pirelli RK tarmac rally tyres. Available for all the top cars from the new R5 class upwards. The tyre is designed for asphalt and has two longitudinal grooves, in accordance with the FIA regulations and it means that it can be used both in dry and wet conditions. The two longitudinal channels are positioned on the internal part of the tyre to ensure more effective water drainage to help avoid aquaplaning. This also allows better cornering, when the car relies more heavily on the external part of the tyre that generates more grip, thanks to a greater contact patch.

This tyre will be available in two compounds for the WRC, a hard for dry conditions, soft for wet or low-grip conditions and a third compound, supersoft, will be homologated for the Monte Carlo Rally, where the crews frequently encounter very cold conditions.

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