Mocal Standard Aluminium Oil Coolers

Mocal Standard Aluminium Oil Coolers
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Mocal oil coolers. The most popular oil to air coolers are the pressed plate range of coolers which were first made in the late 50’s. These coolers have been built to Mocal's specification since 1965 and must rate as the single most commonly used component on racing cars World wide.

The oil cooler consists of a variable number of aluminium pressed plates forming oil ways and end tanks, the oil ways contain turbulators which not only break down boundary layer effect in the flow to obtain maximum heat dissipation without undue pressure drop but also because they are brazed to both surfaces of the plates hold them together under pressure. The oil ways are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide airways.

The design is beautifully simple and efficient and most suitable for mass production, but it is restricted to a 2” thickness and a limited amount of lengths. The secret of the success of the Mocal cooler is our insistence on the highest standards of build quality allied to a rigorous inspection system. In particular the attention paid to the accuracy of the pressing tools to ensure the closest contact of the plates during the "Nocoloc" brazing process ensures our superiority over look alikes from the Far East.

Maximum working pressure on the standard range of coolers is 10 bar (150psi)although each cooler is tested to 11.5 bar (170psi), this is adequate for all but the most arduous motoring applications, however some customers prefer a higher pressure rating upto 180psi, for instance where the pressure by pass valve does not provide enough protection as in high rpm in cold start up conditions or on dry sump installations. See the heavy duty versions for to suit these requirements.

Oil Cooler Mounting Suggestions

Often mounted at the front of the vehicle to ensure a good uninterrupted flow of air. the Mocal coolers can be positioned at any angle, yet protected from flying debris wherever possible for obvious reasons. They can be mounted above or to the side of rear mounted engines, with suitable ducting and airflow. The coolers feature 4 mounting holes top and bottom and it is recommended they are well supported, as once hot and full of oil they become more vulnerable. See the universal mounting kit below, a useful kit to help in adequately mounting your cooler.

  • The World's favourite and most famous oil coolers

  • High quality construction and dependable reliability

  • Multiple sizes and a choice of hose fitting sizes

  • Lightweight design incorporating mounting holes

  • Easily supplied via a sandwich block or oil take off

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