Longacre Mechanical Durometer

Longacre Mechanical Durometer
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Longacre 2014 mechanical Durometer. An easy to use simple to read mechanical Durometer, now offering even greater accuracy and tests rubber hardness from 0-100 points (Shore A scale). The latest model has a straight edge in the base, which allows the gauge to be 'rocked' for more consistent readings. To ensure you make the right tyre hardness choice, you'll need a Durometer, you may not have a choice of tyres to call on, but if your results aren't what you you think they should be, there are a few relatively inexpensive tools that can help you work out why!

With tyres too soft you'll quickly overheat them and be sliding hugely and wearing them out, with tyres too hard you'll not get them hot enough and still be sliding around and wearing them out! With your own Durometer, a Pyrometer and decent tyre gauge you can start to fathom out which direction to take, maybe a sneeky test on the class winners tyres could reveal some answers!

  • Gauge reads from 0-100 points on the Shore A scale

  • Supplied complete with a protective plastic case

For the most consistent results rock the durometer angled away from you, up to vertical and then towards you. The pointer will move up to the highest, truest reading, then back down. Record the highest reading reached. The durometer must have a rectangular base to do this properly. If you just push straight down you may get inconsistent and inaccurate results.

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