OBP 1ltr Base Mounted Aluminium Swirl Pot

OBP 1ltr Base Mounted Aluminium Swirl Pot
Price:  £85.31(Exc. 20% VAT)(£102.37 Inc. VAT)

Part Number:  OBPJICS23
Model  Base Mounted 1 ltr


OBP base mounted 1 litre capacity, round aluminium fuel swirl pot, with JIC threaded inlets and outlets. It is essential to ensure you keep your motorsport fuel pumps supplied with an adequate amount of fuel in all conditions, braking accelerating, cornering and in bumpy conditions. Swirl pots are used to create a head of fuel for the main pump or pumps to draw from and the swirl pot is usually kept full by one or two high capacity pumps. The fuel is taken from the base of the swirl pot and irrespective of the conditions a head of fuel will remain available to the injection pump(s). There's also a return inlet from the fuel rail for surplus fuel to recirculate from the engine bay, back to the swirl pot. This recirculating of the fuel has the added advantage of cooling the fuel, helping it remain more dense for optimum performance. Features 2 x -06 JIC inlets ports, 1 x -06 JIC fuel return on the top, 1 x -08 JIC outlet at the base to supply the injection pump.

  • Tank Diameter: 100mm, Height: 135mm

  • All tig welded aluminium construction

  • Avoid fuel starvation under cornering

  • Prevent premature injection pump failure

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