OBP Fuel Tank Level Sender

OBP Fuel Tank Level Sender
Price:  £40.85(Exc. 20% VAT)(£49.02 Inc. VAT)

Part Number:  OBPCB014


OBP fuel level sender unit. A 6-hole, top mounted float arm sensor kit, calibrated to provide an electrical resistance of 260 Ohms at empty and 20 Ohms at full. This calibration range is similar to early Smith's type fuel level senders, as well as some Ford fuel senders (most commonly 1982-1986 Ford Sierra hatchback/saloon).

The best way to check whether your existing fuel gauge will work with our fuel sender is to measure the resistance range of the sender unit. To do this, you need to disconnect any wires connected to the sender unit and remove the sender from the fuel tank (taking great care if there is any fuel left in the tank). Using a multimeter that can measure resistance in Ohms (Ω), connect one probe to earth and the other to the connector on the fuel sender and note the resistance reading with the float at empty (lowest position) and at full (highest position). If the reading is approximately 260 Ohms at empty and 20 Ohms at full, it will work reasonably well with our fuel gauge.

Fitting the Fuel Sender:

Cut a 40mm diameter hole in the top of your tank and drill 6 mounting holes! Our standard 6-hole, top mounted fuel sender is 290mm from the top of the tank to the bottom of the float unit. It is a simple float arm sender that can be shortened to length as required. Supplied with fittings to exit the valve with female M10 x 1 ports.

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