Mocal In Tank Vent Valve Vertical

Mocal In Tank Vent Valve Vertical
Price:  £36.32(Exc. 20% VAT)(£43.58 Inc. VAT)

Part Number:  TRV86


The highest flowing fuel tank breather valve from Mocal. It has capacity for cars with a large fuel consumption rate. This valve fits into the top of the fuel tank itself, a hole needs to be drilled and it is secured internally with a lock nut. Can also be fitted to the removable top plate of a fuel cell if required or sneaked in on a fuel sender unit if space allows. It has a straight in-line -06 male threaded outlet for the breather hose fitting to be screwed on to. Without a breather valve, a fuel tank cannot replace the space left by the reducing fuel and a vacuum tries to form. This makes it hard work for the pump to suck it out and the tank will collapse inwards. These valves allow air in as the fuel is used, yet close off should you roll over or if fuel tries to exit from the valve itself, due to the ball valve which closes when inverted or if pressure is applied, a useful and sensible safety feature.

  • Precision engineered safety roll over vent valve
  • Straight in-line vent valve with a -06 JIC male
  • Aluminium construction with chromed ball valve

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