FAE Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

FAE Hydraulic Brake Light Switch
Price:  £10.18(Exc. 20% VAT)(£12.22 Inc. VAT)

Part Number:  21010

FAE Automotive

Hydraulic brake light switch. Simply add a tee piece in a brake line and screw in one of these brake light switches. As soon as the pressure is applied when the pedal is pushed, the circuit is made and the brake lights will be turned on. These switches were originally fitted to many early vehicles and provide a simple solution for specialist and owner built race and rally cars. Typically a fused permanent live or ignition fed live supply is connected to one side of the switch with an insulated female spade terminal, then through the switch and back out down to the brake lights, with the brake lights earthed to the chassis. Threaded male 1/8 x 27 NPT, fit into a brass or alloy tee piece with PTFE tape or hydraulic thread sealant.

  • Reliable high quality auto components

  • Hydraulic pressure operated brake switch

  • Ideal for use in race and rally car systems

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