Sparco IS-200 Plus Analogue Intercom Control unit

Sparco IS-200 Plus Analogue Intercom Control unit
Price:  £129.57(Exc. 20% VAT)(£155.48 Inc. VAT)

Part Number:  00537048


Introducing the Sparco IS-200 PLUS: Your Ultimate Analogue Intercom Control Unit. This sleek device is a game-changer in the world of intercom communication, featuring a range of remarkable features for both drivers and co-drivers.

  • Dual Independent Volume Control: With double potentiometers, the IS-200 PLUS empowers both the Driver and Co-Driver with personalized volume control. Adjust your audio preferences to perfection for an optimized intercom experience.

  • Seamless Connectivity: Equipped with Nexus Female connectors and generous 2-meter cables, this unit ensures reliable and hassle-free connections. 

  • Capture the Action: The RCA connector provides easy integration with an in-car camera, enabling you to capture unforgettable moments from your perspective. 

  • Uninterrupted Power: The IS-200 PLUS includes a power cable for effortless connection to your 12V car battery, ensuring a continuous power supply. Additionally, it features a 9V power supply with a convenient battery compartment. When a 12V power source is detected, the unit seamlessly switches to it, saving your 9V battery for backup.

  • Versatile Mounting: Whether you prefer a rollcage or dashboard attachment, the IS-200 PLUS accommodates both options, giving you the freedom to choose your ideal setup.

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