Fire Safety Stick Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety Stick Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
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Part Number:  FS50

The Fire Safety Stick hand held fire extinguisher will put out all types of fires, and unlike traditional foam fire extinguishers it will not leave any residue or powder mess. The sticks are small, lightweight and are very easy to use. Ideal for garages, tool boxes, as well as fitting them into your everyday vehicle or race/rally car. In the event of an enclosed fire, you can activate the fire stick and leave it inside to put the fire out while you get yourself to safety. The Fire Safety Stick is activated by striking the charger at the base. Once set off, the gases from the fire stick will attach themselves to the surrounding oxygen and create a cloud of containment around the fire, quickly putting it out. They have a longer discharge time than traditional hand held fire extinguishers.

  • The fire sticks can be used on any types of fires

  • There is no maintenance or servicing required, the sticks have a 10 year life cycle

  • Very easy to activate but impossible to activate accidentally

  • They fire safety sticks are available in 25, 50 and 100 seconds discharge time

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