DS3000 Brake Pads

Ferodo DS3000 racing brake pads have been setting the standard since their launch in the late nineties. Their best selling compound has contributed to countless wins and podium places in many Touring car, GT and Rally championships around the world. Ferodo's DS3000 compound pads offer an extremely high level of at any temperature or speed and often have a higher initial bite compared to other brake pads. Bedding in time is typically 50% faster than many other brands and materials. These pads offer stable and predictable characteristics to suit most competition drivers in all conditions.

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Ferodo FCP206R DS3000 Brake Pads

Ferodo FCP206R DS3000 Brake Pads£99.24

Ferodo FCP276R DS3000 Brake Pads

Ferodo FCP276R DS3000 Brake Pads£152.16

Ferodo FCP408R DS3000 Brake Pads

Ferodo FCP408R DS3000 Brake Pads£101.43

Ferodo FCP535R DS3000 Brake Pads

Ferodo FCP535R DS3000 Brake Pads£95.67

Ferodo FCP541R DS3000 Brake Pads

Ferodo FCP541R DS3000 Brake Pads£103.96


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