Ravenol produce some of the most technically advanced motorsport lubricants available on the market today. Ravenol differ in their approach to product development, seeing Motorsport as the opportune arena to testbed and hone their products, rather than just using 'Motorsport' as the place to promote oils in general. When you're permanently on the limit, your engine needs ultimate protection and lubricants you can rely on.
Roy Millington of Millington Racing Engines, not exactly renowned for compliments, comments: "We supplied an engine to Simon Mauger, winner of the 2013 Millington RWD Challenge Drivers Championship. At the end of the season we stripped the engine down and found virtually zero wear - unbelievable. We most certainly recommend the use of Ravenol Racing Oils". High praise indeed, from one of the UK's most respected race engineering companies currently producing race and rally engines.