Exhaust Wrap

Exhaust wrap is not a gimmick, it has multiple positive benefits and should be considered in all forms of motorsport. Effective exhaust wrapping will help reduce under bonnet temperatures, this will lower your intake charge temperature and increase power output. It also helps retain internal exhaust temperatures, this increases gas speed, which aids the cylinder clearing cycle and improves cylinder charging, all of which increase engine efficiency and power levels. Inadvertantly the noise transmitted through the exhuast tubing is also muffled and the risk of burns on brushing past hot exhaust components is greatly reduced...

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Mikalor W2 Hose Clamps

Mikalor W2 Hose ClampsFrom:  £1.89

Mikalor W4 Hose Clamps

Mikalor W4 Hose ClampsFrom:  £4.66

Grayston Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Grayston Stainless Steel Cable Ties£5.80

DEi Original Exhaust Wrap

DEi Original Exhaust WrapFrom:  £14.12

DEi Black Exhaust Wrap

DEi Black Exhaust WrapFrom:  £15.22

Cool-It Hi-Heat Silicone Coating

Cool-It Hi-Heat Silicone CoatingFrom:  £16.75

DEi HT Silicone Coating

DEi HT Silicone Coating£17.19

DEi Titanium Exhaust Wrap

DEi Titanium Exhaust WrapFrom:  £22.66

Grayston 1260 Degrees Celsius Exhaust Wrap

Grayston 1260 Degrees Celsius Exhaust Wrap£32.57

Goodridge Stainless Steel Lock Wire

Goodridge Stainless Steel Lock WireFrom:  £18.56

DEi Speed Sleeves

DEi Speed SleevesFrom:  £118.10


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