Goodridge 816 JIC/NPT Straight Male Steel Convex Adaptor

Goodridge 816 JIC/NPT Straight Male Steel Convex Adaptor
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Goodridge JIC to NPT male/male adaptors. Often used to screw into soft alloys or castings, these adaptors turn a tapered port into a more useful JIC male outlet, onto which you can connect your brake hose or other fitting and suitable for all types of fluid and systems. We recommend using steel or stainless versions when being used in vulnerable applications such as on braking components where debris might come into play. The NPT end should be fitted using some PTFE tape or a proprietory brand of hyudraulic thread sealant/locking compound.

  • Compatible with Goodridge and other brands of fittings
  • To be fitted wityh the use of PTFE tape or thread sealant
  • Compatible with all types of standard or racing fluid
  • Resuable fittings, easy assembly, reuse with a new olive

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