Omega Brace K1 Karting Collar

Omega Brace K1 Karting Collar
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Omega Brace

Omega K1 karting neck collar. Thanks to continuous innovation and research in materials, helmets, suits and rib protector Sparco are able to provide karting drivers a high level of protection. However neck and spine areas are still sensitive and often subjected to serious injuries. Omega, in collaboration with a team of doctors and specialists, has worked hard to develop a new protection system, the Sparco DPC, to protect these sensitive areas. The result is extremely comfortable.

Energy Absorption
Most collars lean on shoulders (clavicle) and other sensitive areas of the body (sternum, spine) which means that in a collision the pressure is directed into these sensitive areas of the body. The innovative shape of the Sparco DPC collar, thanks to the support belt and the special suspension system, distributes the energy over a wider and less sensitive areas of the body. Less pressure on sensitive areas means less risk of injury.

Adjustability And Comfort
The Omega DPC collar is equipped with a stepless adjustment system that allows the collar to be accurately adjusted to sit correctly on any driver. It is important to properly adjust the distance between helmet and collar. An excessive distance can cause dangerous inertia loads on the head while a small distance will restrict head movement.

  • Extremely comfortable when in position
  • Latest innovation in kartwear protection
  • Height and angle adjustable to fit any driver
  • Less pressure concentration means less risk of injury
  • The innovative shape distributes pressure over a wide area

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