Ravenol RHP SAE 75W-90 Racing Gear Oil

Ravenol RHP SAE 75W-90 Racing Gear Oil
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RAVENOL RHP Racing High Performance Gear Oil 75W-90 is a fully synthetic manual transmission oil, especially developed for very high performance racing and competition cars. Offers exceptional load-carrying capacity, a very stable viscosity and optimum protection against wear. The fully synthetic formulation gives protection against foam formation, along with excellent thermal and shear stability even under the most arduous and stressful conditions. The carefully blended base oil and special additive combination prevents excessive heating of the gearbox components.

RAVENOL RHP Racing High Performance Gear Oil 75W-90 is designed for use in both synchromesh and non-synchromesh competition and motorsport gearboxes, as well as for very high performance road and track day applications. Especially suitable for high performance sequential transmissions, as well as for use in FWD applications where both a synchromesh gearbox and limited slip differential are using a common lubricant.

RAVENOL RHP Racing High Performance Gear Oil 75W-90 meets and exceeds:


Technical Characteristics:

  • Stable high-pressure lubricating oil film, even at high temperatures/high stress levels
  • Excellent shear stability, thermal stability & very good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Excellent high oxidation & aging resistance, even during extended usage conditions
  • Exceptional wear protection, excellent EP characteristics & low foaming even at high speeds
  • Compatible with all non-ferrous metals and sealing materials
  • Superb flow behaviour even at low temperatures, low pour point
  • Extended oil change intervals are possible, thanks to excellent shear stability
  • Formulation includes friction modifier to ensure suitability with LSD gearboxes

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