Ravenol RSE 10W-50 Racing Engine Oil

Ravenol RSE 10W-50 Racing Engine Oil
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RAVENOL RSE Racing Sport Ester 10W-50 is a fully synthetic multigrade engine oil for modern gasoline engines based on the highest quality Ester and Poly-Alpha Olefin synthetic technology. Specially formulated for use in competition and motorsport engines, operating in the most arduous of conditions. Its high viscosity index, tremendous shear stability and highly effective additive package ensures that RAVENOL RSE Racing Sport Ester 10W-50 allows maximum performance at the same time as providing optimum protection against wear, foaming and corrosion, even at the very highest operating temperatures.

RAVENOL RSE Racing Sport Ester 10W-50 is primarily designed for motorsport and competition use in the most severe race and rally conditions. It's exceptional high temperature performance makes it also especially suitable for modified, track day and fast road vehicles with both turbo and non-turbocharged engines. Available here in 1ltr and 5ltr bottles, for larger quantities please ask.

RAVENOL RSE Racing Sport Ester 10W-50 corresponds to:



  • Excellent viscosity stability even at the highest operating temperatures
  • Very good cold start lubrication characteristics
  • Exceptional protection at the extremes of stress & heat - common in competition engines
  • Very good detergent and dispersant characteristics ensuring a clean engine
  • Improved protection against internal corrosion and foam formation

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