RRS R-Max Tyre Inflation System

RRS R-Max Tyre Inflation System
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R-Max competition tyre inflation system from RRS. A highly compact, lightweight system, that provides the crew a high pressure air capsule, capable of enabling the tyre pressures to be adjusted before or after a stage as required, depending on the conditions. The pressurised capsule is supplied with an in car mounting bracket, with Velcro straps that can be released with one hand when required. The capsule can be fully recharged in the service area or management car in just 6 minutes, prior to placing back in the race or rally car ready for your next stages. The product is Patented and manufactured using high quality milspec components, to ensure a long and reliable service life. Overall weight and dimensons including charging pack 1.8kg and 19cm x 28.5cm respectively.


  • 22.5cm long and 5cm in diameter
  • Lightweight (340 grams when full)
  • Practical and space-saving
  • It fits perfectly in the hand
  • Allows you to increase pressure of 4 tyres
  • Inflation button and deflation button
  • Air-charge indicator
  • 360 hose rotation for convenience
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Universal inflation tip


    The technology adopted has been tested extensively. It was charged 100,000 times at a pressure much higher than the operating pressure and then discharged. There is no risk of explosion.

    Once loaded, a simple pressure is enough to increase the pressure of all 4 of your tires.

  • FAST:
    The capsule is fully charged in 6 minutes. Just a few seconds to adjust your tyres to the desired pressure.

    This is a patented technology, the whole system is made with the best quality materials, solid and lightweight. Tried and tested military specification components used to ensure longevity.

    Possibility to troubleshoot a competitor or simply, to make the pressure of your vehicle of every day.

    No waste in the environment. The R-Max capsule can be recharged whenever required.

The R-Max inflation system is supplied with a mounting bracket. This sturdy item was designed specifically to accept a RRS R-Max compressed air capsule.

The bracket can be attached to the roll cage or directly onto the bodyshell in an appropriate position. This could be near the driver or co-pilot, or in the rear with the spare wheel for example.

The R-Max capsule is firmly secured by the jaws of the support. 3 sets of Velcro slide straps are also provided and the capsule can be removed from the bracket with hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just reloaded my capsule, but the charge indicator is not completely green, there is still some red. Are my capsules or chargers defective?

Not at all, quite the contrary! For safety reasons, the charger is calibrated to fill the capsule at a lower pressure than it actually can. Having a little red on the top of the gauge will allow you to make sure the capsule is not over-pressurised. Conversely, in the event of a complete discharge, the LED will be completely red.

I have just fully charged my R-Max capsule. Is there a loss of capacity or load over time? Are there any risks that I end up with an almost empty capsule after a long time of non-use?

No ! As mentioned above, the RRS R-max capsule comes from patented technologies containing high quality military spec components. It is a very high-end product of great reliability. It is precisely made to last in time and keep a constant load. In the event of an abnormal discharge, contact us.

What other utilities can I find with the R-max capsule?

For safety, the air is depressurised at the nozzle before being expelled. They can of course be used to inflate a tire of your everyday vehicle. Like the compressed air cylinders on the market, you can use R-Max for gentle cleaning. You can, for example, dust off your mechanical parts or the circuits of your computer.

My tire is completely deflated or punctured. Can I temporarily re-inflate with the R-Max Capsule?

No - we're talking about a backup system to adjust the pressure of the tyres. The capsule does not contain enough air to re-inflate a tire.

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