Stilo ST-30 DES Intercom Amplifier

Stilo ST-30 DES Intercom Amplifier
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Stilo ST-30 DES Amplifier. Regarded as probably the best intercom amplifier system in Motorsport. It's a top of the range professional intercom and was the first intercom available with wireless connection to Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, i-pads etc.

Intercom Position 1:
This position offers the best audio quality available in any kind of car.

Intercom Position 2 (Extra Filter):
This position employs a noise filter specifically developed by Stilo for use in S2000 specification vehicles or any race and rally car with very high revving naturally aspirated engines. Background noises are damped strongly and the co-driver's voice is amplified so the driver hears their voice at a higher volume.

Emergency Intercom:
Although the the ST-30 amplifier is extremely reliable, with pace notes being absolutely vital in most events, top teams will fit two amplifiers to their vehicles, just in case they have a problem. The ST-30 has the feature just to flick this 'Emergency Switch' to bring into operation the second amplifier without having to disconnect the helmets. The two systems don't share any components and have separate power supplies to ensure that if one of the two amplifiers were to fail or be damaged, the second will just take over and work perfectly.

Mobile Phone Connections:
The ST-30 DES can be paired and wirelessly connect to Bluetooth mobile phones or devices. In the Road mode, the connection is fully active, whilst in 'Stage mode' the connection becomes inactive. All functions can be managed by the dedicated switch: on/off, pairing, call answer, last number called and users voice volume setting.

Radio Connection:
The ST-30 DES amplifier can be hard wired to the most common VHF car radio systems. As with the Bluetooth method, the link is active in Road mode and becomes inactive when in the Stage mode.

Video Camera Connection:
An in-car video camera can be connected directly to the ST-30 DES amplifier to record the audio output.

MP3 Music Player Connection:
The ST-30 DES can be paired with Bluetooth MP3 players or Bluetooth mobile phones with MP3 function, perfect to listen to recorded pre stage notes, music or audio books.

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