Extinguisher Spares

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Lifeline Electrical Power Pack

Lifeline Electrical Power Pack£79.00

Lifeline Electrical Plug & Lead

Lifeline Electrical Plug & Lead£9.65

Cartek External Fire Switch

Cartek External Fire Switch£25.50

Lifeline Aluminium External Fire Switch

Lifeline Aluminium External Fire Switch£23.20

Lifeline External Fire Extinguisher Switch

Lifeline External Fire Extinguisher Switch£21.95

Lifeline Zero 2000 Nozzle

Lifeline Zero 2000 Nozzle£31.05

Lifeline 10mm 90 Degree Elbow

Lifeline 10mm 90 Degree Elbow£15.10

Lifeline Dekabon Pipe Clips

Lifeline Dekabon Pipe Clips£4.90

Lifeline Extinguisher Tubing

Lifeline Extinguisher TubingFrom:  £3.10

Lifeline Tee Connector Fitting

Lifeline Tee Connector FittingFrom:  £7.15

Lifeline Screw In Pipe Connector

Lifeline Screw In Pipe ConnectorFrom:  £4.00

Lifeline Straight Bulkhead Fitting

Lifeline Straight Bulkhead FittingFrom:  £8.95

Lifeline 12ft Pull Cable

Lifeline 12ft Pull Cable£17.45

Lifeline 6ft Pull Cable

Lifeline 6ft Pull Cable£11.60

Lifeline Zero 2000 Misting Nozzle

Lifeline Zero 2000 Misting Nozzle£31.05

OMP Extinguisher Control Box Kit

OMP Extinguisher Control Box Kit£72.51

OMP Hand Held Extinguisher Brackets 132mm

OMP Hand Held Extinguisher Brackets 132mm£19.72

OMP Screw On Fire Extinguisher Nozzle

OMP Screw On Fire Extinguisher Nozzle£4.14

OMP Straight Pipe Connector

OMP Straight Pipe Connector£3.30


Page 1 of 1:    25 Items